A-Solution Products

Home Trading

Customer and Broker can use by Window + MAC application. Support many order trading, analyze, market viewer tools. Smart trading, report clearly from history ...

Mobile Trading

Support Customer and Broker trading anywhere and anytime on Mobile platform. Speed and simple are good point of the product.

Web Trading

Product for Customer only. Simple trading and support many orders, analyze, market viewer tools. Customer can do every transaction on Web. All of your transaction always by sercured by SSL.

Head Office System

Desktop application management trading system, all of stock process, financial productions, multi resources, report matched rules of Govement, VSD, SSC, ...

Gateway/API (FIX)

Connected to exchanges, VSD, Banking (VCB+BIDV+ACB), OMS (Bloomberg DMA). API supports FIX 4.4 to access all of core system services.

Admin & Monitor

Mobile version support monitor fully system resources, process in realtime. Beside that, support some risk management reports for leaders.
Prices & Packages
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